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Florida Supercon

2 Jul

We had an AMAZING weekend at FLORIDA SUPERCON “South Florida’s Comic Book, Anime, Animation, Video Game, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture Convention”!!! Thanks to the Supercon staff and attendees for two huge record-breaking crowds, and all the great times! We will be back again next year with 2 HUGE shows for you!! In the meantime, please follow us on here and on Facebook at Cupcake Burlesque – and check out our multi-talented host, Magician Remy Connor, to see where we’ll all be performing next! Plus there will be LOTS of pictures posted very soon!!


The Ladies of Cupcake Burlesque

Upcoming Shows !!

13 Oct

Guess What’s Cookin’?

7 Aug

The ladies of Cupcake Burlesque have a brand new freshly baked website!

Stay tuned for more glitz, glam and glitter here as we keep on adding and updating this page. In the meantime, add us on Facebook and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows!